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Dear reader,

for our study we would like to conduct a survey followed by an experiment. Within the experiment participants are asked to go shopping in an online store. In order to be able to track all necessary data within this store correctly, we would need to give particpants individual access codes at the end of the survey with which they can then enter the store.

My question would now be how to implement this in the survey? The idea would be that participants go through the questionnaires and get an individual code displayed at the last page before they get transfered to the shop by a link they need to click.

Thanks in advance!

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One option would be this here:
Display individual codes or voucher codes

Other codes to consider would be the caseSerial() or the caseNumber(), also see the placeholders manual.

asked Dec 13, 2022 in SoSci Survey (dt.) by s224311 (160 points) How to specify case number

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