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Dear reader,

in my survey I use casenumber() in order to display individual numbers to the participants which they need to access the then following experiment:


Durch folgenden Code erhalten Sie Zugang zur Plattform: %caseNumber%

Do you know if there is any possbility to specify the number displayed to the participants? currently it gives single digits. For our platform 4-digits are necessary. Also, only the last 3 out of 4 digits need to be "counted, the first one needs to be a "1".

Thanks in advance!

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The number is simple the CASE number from your dataset. This will count up with each respondent. You can format it with sprintf(), adding leading zeros, e.g.

html('<p>Das ist die Nummer, die Sie brauchen: '.sprintf('%04d', caseNumber()).'</p>');

If you prefer other codes (especially codes that one cannot simply guess), please use one of the other options specified in the previous answer.

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