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I have a couple of audio stimuli within html audio tags in my questionnaire. I would like to know how often a participant listened to a stimulus. I tried to use the event attribute "onplay" but I cannot get a php variable out of it to save it on the next page with put() as an internal variable in my dataset.
The "var n" within the script works as a counter for playing the audio but I don't know how to give it's value to a php variable.

Is there a way to get the number of times the stimulus was played with html and php?

HTML code (php within the onplay-function does not work and even prevents the alert in the onvolumechange-function from working)

<audio id="player" preload="auto" controls controlsList="nodownload">
<source src="..." />
<?php $counter = 0 ?>
var audio = document.getElementById("player");
var n = 0;
audio.onvolumechange = function() {
audio.volume = 1;
alert("Don't change the volume!");
audio.onplay = function() {
n = n + 1;
<?php $counter = $counter + 1; ?>;
<?php registerVariable($counter); ?>;

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Please find the necessary solution here:
Record browser tab switch

All you have to change is replace the line

SoSciTools.attachEvent(window, "blur", countBlur);

by this one:

document.getElementById("player").addEventListener("play", countBlur);

then remove everything as of audio.onplay in your code and place the "new" code from the manual there instead.

Oh, and please forget about the <?php. You cannot use PHP code within JavaScript code, and even if you could, it would not work, because PHP runs on the server (between the pages) while JavaScript runs in the browser (on the pages).

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