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My original first (welcoming page) is in English and it appears after the language selection of the survey. In English version, it is not a problem but in the secondary language of the questionnaire, it is again the same English introduction. When I change php codes everything changes. How can I fix the problem?
I can't find page 1 in the sections of my questionnaire so there is no equivalent of it to write translated version.

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I assume that the first page simply has a text element? Either dragged into the questionaire via drag&drop or by using text() or show()?

Then please select the text element in the navigation to edit the contents in each language. A language switch should apper on the upper right corner of the input area (when editing the text's content) to switch between languages.

by s099039 (180 points)
Yes it is in html code form. When I go to text element in the navigation, it doesn't appear there like other elements. For example: "please choose" part, I can translate it as you suggested. But I cannot change this welcoming message into other language.
The pre-test mode is here: https://www.soscisurvey.de/uludag/index.php?l=tur&q=base&act=D8SHmPcqzVioSYy1Mi5e0KQV&htR=AwA%3D

I want to translate this html code but don't know where??
by SoSci Survey (304k points)
What do you mean by "html code form". Did you just drag an "HTML code" from the upper right into the questionnaire? Or did you create a new text (in a section) that you than dragged into the questionnaire like a question? I would strongly recommend the second option, if working with multi-lang questionnaires.

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