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Does anybody know whether SoSci (or other questionnaire platforms) offer a module that allows subjects to not only comment in response to an audio file, but also mark the points in the audio file (time) and, thus, relate their answers to an exact point in the audio?

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Well, seems to be a quite particular application. There is currently no such module in SoSci Survey, because nobody has ever asked for, and probably there are few researchers who would actually use such a question type.

What SoSci Survey has is a module (with extra costs) that allows a continuous rating (RTR/CRM) of a video or audio file. However, I assume that would be too much for your application.

That, of course, does not mean that it is impossible with SoSci Survey. It means that you would have to write some JavaScript code, and implement a part of the question by yourself.

Technically, you will need two components. The audio file (should be easy, you may even use the default "drag mp3 into the questionnaire" solution in SoSci Survey). And then you need some JavaScript that listens to clicks or key strokes, and whenever such an event occurs, pools the timestamp from the audio/video and stores it into an internal variable. I would also recommend to give the respondents a bit feedback, but nothing that would be a challange, given some basic JavaScript knowledge.

by s105481 (110 points)
Hi, thanks for the answer. (I saw it only today because the system does not seem to have me informed via email.)
I am currently preparing an application for a research project and need to find out whether the questionnaire which I envision could be realized, with SoSci for instance. Could we talk with each other on the phone? If you send me an email, I could provide you with my phone number (or you indicate your phone number in this email to me). Thanks in advance.
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To be honest, I'd prefer to clarify question via online support or email. It's simply a matter of time.

There are only few setting that can not be realized with SoSci Survey. So, if you send me a mail with the key challanges of the project to info@soscisurvey.de, I can give you some directions. If there's still need to clarify details, you can try and call me.

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