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I have purchased the IAT module on January 26 and set the start date to January 27. However, today (Jan 27) when I went to my project to design the IAT task I saw this message:

The module IAT has not been enabled for the project's responsible (customer ID 12668).

I then went to the Licence Management page and saw this:

Add-on module IAT/BIAT for SoSci Survey (license no. 664)
License period from 27.01.2019 to 26.04.2019 (88 days remaining)
(Payment not confirmed, yet)

I have already done an international money transfer to your business account and my bank told me that it might take 5 business days.

My question is: What does "payment not confirmed" mean? Does it mean that I can only use the module I have purchased only after the payment is received? Is it possible for me to use the IAT module before that? If it is not possible I will feel somewhat frustrated because I pay for a period of 90 days but I can only use it for a period much less than 90 days (now I have only 88 days left and I can't do anything with IAT) because money transfer takes time. I will be very happy if I can use it immediately, if possible. If you need the money transfer record I can provide it at any time.

I am expecting your reply. Thank you very much!

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The IAT module should be active as soon as it is purchased in the shop.

We used to have issues with outdated data in the cache. I have therefore cleaned the cache. Could you please test if the module is available by now? If not, I will take a deeper look into the database...

by s109029 (110 points)
I have checked just now and find that now the IAT module is available. Thank you very much!

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