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Dear all!

My questionnaire shows respondents four pictures in a random order each time.
The data collected then shows me time spent on viewing each picture, naming the pictures 1-4 (of the order of them).
I am interested in knowing the viewing time of one specific picture.

Is it possible to see, exactly which order the pictures were in for each respondent (e.g. by the name of the picture?).

Thank you!

by s077836 (115 points)
Actually, I am asking to figure out, which page the certain photo was on - as I have the "time spent on page X" variable.

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Depends on how you are doing the rotation. If you use shuffle() without any put(), then: no. If you used the same page 4 times, using loopPage(), you will also not be able to get distinct times. If you stored the page order via put() or use a random generator, then you will usually be able to assign the times to pages.

by s077836 (115 points)
I have 13 pages in total.
Pages 4-7 each have just a picture, which respondents are supposed to look at. Time spent on each page was measured, so I can e.g. see,  that respondent 1 spent X time on page 4. However, as the pages were randomly rotated (only 4-7, between themselves), I do not know which picture was page 4 for this respondent. I.e. which picture the measured times refer to.

I was hoping, that I might be able to maybe see the picture name, which was on each page for each respondent.

I used this to make the four pages rotate randomly.

if (!isset($blocks)) {
  $blocks = array('P4','P5','P6','P7');
  $blocks[] = 'P8';
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setPageorder() is good for your cause. So, page P4 always shows the same picture?

Than you are lucky: TIME004 always refers to page 4, no matter in what order the pages were displayed.
by s077836 (115 points)
thank you very much for the quick replies!
Is there a way to send a picture here? - I would send a screenshot of the pages in the edit mode.

So it means, that if I have set up my questionnaire in the tool, with page 4 showing "picture 1", page 5 showing "picture 2", page 6 showing "picture 3" and page 7 showing "picture 4, the names of the pages ("Page 4, 5, 6, 7") stay the same?????

Then, when it is randomized - the pages still keep the "original" (same) page name ("Page 4,5,6,7" as in the setup of the questionnaire)?

- Even though, the pages change order? (e.g. the original "Page 4" is no longer the fourth in the order, but seventh, still keeps the name "Page 4"?

I hope I make sense :)
by SoSci Survey (308k points)
Well, yes.

You can give that a simple try: Start the questionnaire in the debug mode, and watch the debug information (upper right, https://www.soscisurvey.de/help/doku.php/en:create:debugging). This should tell you exactly for which page the time is stored.

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