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Hi. I have trouble with the format of a warning I want to implement in my survey.
I'm using the "paper" layout and the warning window is sticking out and basically exceeding the limits of the visible layout format. Can you help me fix it so it looks like it fits correctly? Thank you!

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The paper layout is quite specific for certain situations - it's probably not the best one for general surveys. For example, it's not responsive for mobile devices.

Of course, this should not stop the message from working correctly. If you could post a "pretest URL" that leads directly to the page with the message, I can take care of this.
by SoSci Survey (315k points)
Could please create an URL that goes directly to the page with the message? Thank you.

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Please add these line PHP code to the page:

  div.warning div.content {
    margin: 0;
    width: auto;

There's a unlucky overlap between the HTML names in the layout and the message - the above CSS code will revert this issue.

by s101702 (195 points)
Thank you, works fine now!

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