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0 votes

I want to display a final result on the end of my survey for participants.
Imagine 5 variables GO02_01 to GO02_05. Possible values are 1-5.
I want to sum them up and display the final result on the final page, after all questions have been answered.

Could you pls show me a code and example formula?

I am looking forward to your answer.
Thank you.

in Datenauswertung by s101866 (110 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

That's easy :)

$sum = valueSum('GO02');
html('<p>You have '.$sum.' of 25 points.</p>');

For more details, I recommend the manual Personal evaluation for the participant.

by SoSci Survey (238k points)
Hi, could you pls advise here also:
1) I can not integrate PHP Code on the last page. How to?
2) I tried it on another page. Then I got an error message.
Could you find the solution?
$sum = valueSum('E021','E022', 'E032','GO01');
html('<p>Sie haben '.$sum.' von 244 Punkte erreicht.</p>');
Für die Frage E021 wurde kein Item mit der Kennung 0 gefunden
Sie haben von 50 Punkte erreicht.

ad 1) not at all - create an additional page before the last one. If you want no further one, user buttonHide().

ad 2) Please us an array for the variables:
valueSum(array('E021','E022', 'E032','GO01'));

Note, that this will only (!) work, if E021 etc. are variables, not questions with multiple Items. If these question have more items, please write:

$sum = valueSum('E021') + valueSum('E022') + ...;