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I would like to know the solution or procedure to be followed for below questions.

  1. While importing a CSV file does it not consider the first row as a header ?

  2. I would like to know is there any documentation or video to use the imported data from CSV file into the Questionnaire? I am new to this tool and I am a bit confused.

In my another question you replied me to draw the key into the random generator, but I did not see any option to get the imported CSV into the random generator

For your reference: "Vignette Text Import into Questionnaire from a file" Reply: "Option (b) use the "databank for content", store the texts as columns (probably what you currently have in your sheet) and use some string in the first column (e.g., A001, A002, ...) as key, which you draw in the random generator. Details in a new question, if required :)"

I got the below CSV Data as an example.

CSV File

Thank you.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s075828 (290 points)

1 Answer

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  1. While importing a CSV file does it not consider the first row as a header ?

When using the "databank for contents" just create a CSV file without a header line. Just drop that line before saving to CSV (I assume you'll store your original data in a different format liek XLSX oder ODS, anyway).

And yes, you're correct. Ignoring the first line during import would be an easy task that SoSci Survey should do. Yet, whenever we wanted to add this, some research project required a more-important, magnificant feature to implement...

  1. I would like to know is there any documentation or video to use the imported data from CSV file into the Questionnaire?

Depends on what your planning to do. The "database for content" is a very generic feature. You can use it to pass individual data from a different source into the questionnaire, you can use it to ask for passwords, you can use it to display a dropdown selection from 2000 options, you can use it for stimulus material in a conjoint analysis. I gues it would be a 2 hour video to discuss all these (and more) options :)

How many vignettes do you actually have in your vignette design? If your random numer was stored in IV01_01 (e.g., drawn via urnDraw()), than this would be the code to display the content from your database:

$code1 = value('IV01_01');
$data1 = dbGet('EmployeeInfo'.sprintf('%02d', $code1));
$text1 = $data1[0];
// Same for the second, and third part with $text2, $text3, then
html('<p>'.$text1.' '.$text2.' '.$text3.'</p>');

The sprintf() is just to make a two-digit number from the original code (e.g., 1 -> '01').

by SoSci Survey (246k points)
I will give a scenario which I have right now:

1. I generate a Vignette Universe from multiple dimensions and levels. Say for example 3000 texts
2. Then from these 3000 texts I am picking randomly around say 300 texts
3. Later I am generating decks say around 10 decks, so each deck has 300/10 = 30 texts, which again i am randomly assigning.
4. Finally I generate individual csv file for all the 10 decks.

Note: The header yes I can remove, and the 'EmployeeInfo' is not fixed the name varies and also i can generate the keys in the decks according to the sosci survey requirement. I see you separated  the key to get the number which i can provide while generating the decks.

So, based on these, next steps would be,

1. Create questionnaire in sosci survey, and import the decks like.

   Question 1(EmployeeInfo Deck1)

   Question  2(StudentInfo Deck1)
   Answer 2

2. So, if there are 4 rows in each decks then i would like to generate in total 16 questionnaires

One last question : Is it ok to have same keys in different decks ? like deck 1 & deck 2 has same keys 01,02,03 ?

Basically I have the randomized texts, And now I would like to generate the questionnaire for all the texts. Sorry for the long post. Thanks
I made a new question from that, so the answer will be easier to read/find: https://support.soscisurvey.de/?qa=734/retrieving-vignette-texts-for-the-questionnaire