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I'd like to check a number of items, which are all going to be on different pages. Above each item there will be an introductory text, which is different for each item. Is it possible to add multiple texts the same way you add multiple items to the same question? (Or another way to do this - I'd like to avoid having to put in 100+ texts manually each time.)

in SoSci Survey (dt.) by s100895 (305 points)

1 Answer

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Depends on what exactly you're going to do.

You may want to have a look at the Database for Contents that lets you upload a CSV and use it's contents in the questionnaire. This will be a fast solution for short texts, but unsuitable for longer HTML code.

If you need the longer contents, you might wrap them into some XML for the import. Just create a blank section, than add two texts to this section. And then download the section as XML to have a template for the XML.

by SoSci Survey (238k points)
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