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I want to do a diary study via SoSciSurvey. After registrating their email-adresses, participants will get the link to fill out a baseline questionnaire. After that, I want to have at least 7 days in between before the daily questionnaires will be sent using automated series emails. However, start date of the daily questionnaires must be a Monday. So if someone fills out the baseline questionnaire on a Saturday, the daily questionnaires shall not be sent on a Saturday, but on the following Monday.
Is there any possibility in the platform or a specific PHP function to define this requirement?

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Please find an extended explanation about the mail handling here: Multi-Wave Surveys with Self-Recruited Respondents

However, start date of the daily questionnaires must be a Monday.

You will be confronted with the mailSchedule() function. It requires you to specify a date. PHP provides the function strtotime(), it allows you to do something like:

$senddate = strtotime('next Monday 8:00');

This $senddate you can use in mailSend(). And it can do even better things:

$send2 = strtotime('next Monday 8:00 + 1 days');
$send3 = strtotime('next Monday 8:00 + 2 days');

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