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How can I change the variable codes that are automatically set in the SoSci program. It's a drop-down type question: How many biological children do you have?
Corresponding codes and offered answers for that question are:
1 = 0 //zero children
2 = 1 //one child
3 = 2..etc.
-9 = Not answered
I would like the codes to start from zero and to match the answers, because then it is easier to analyze the data, this way it seems to me that the respondent has one more child than it actually is.
Additionally, I would like to make this change at the level of one question, because for example, I want the code for gender to start from 1, not 0 (women=1; men=2).

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SoSci Survey will (for several good reasons) not use the code 0 in the dataset.

If you really want that, you can recode the variable in SoSci Survey: Recode Answers

Usually, it makes more sense to take care about that in the analysis.

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