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It seems to me that I am requesting an invoice here. Is this correct, or is payment using a credit card preferred (or even possible)?

This is the error message I get when I try to checkout payment on in the browser:

Warning: Invalid SQL query caused error MYSQL.1406: Data too long for
column 'country' at row 1 SQL query was: INSERT INTO
distribution.dist_invoices SET

  • called GeneralFramework::getStack((integer)-1) in inc/DbQuery.php on line 435
  • called DbQuery::run() in inc/BasicManager.php on line 2228
  • called BasicManager::store() in inc/InvoiceManager.php on line 1028
  • called InvoiceManager::store() in inc/InvoiceManager.php on line 182
  • c in /var/www/soscisurvey/html/shop/inc/DbQuery.php on line 435

Fatal error: Could not create invoice in
/var/www/soscisurvey/html/shop/inc/DistributionShop.php on line 285

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Sorry for this issue. We will take care of it - and report back as soon as it works.

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Our apologies for the inconveniences.

The error has been fixed. Everthing should work out fine, now.

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