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I want to conduct a study with four different experimental conditions. Most of the study is the same for all groups (introduction to study, demographical data, a few pre-lecture measures, a few post-lecture measures, a post-test, a few post-test measures). What will be different, however, is the "lecture-watching" segment of my study. In this section, the groups will have to watch some lecture segments and answer some questions - but they will differ for each of the four groups.

How can I do the randomization in SoSci so that the four groups only have this segment be different? Should I create four different questionnaires and randomize who will get the whole questionnaire, or is there a way to randomize only this one segment (with its different videos and questions).

Thank you in advance!

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I would strongly recommend only to modify the contents of the segment, or which segment is shown.

Either follow the manuals Randomization: Questions or Rotate Pages. If you follow the second, you would not rotate the question, of course, but use different page orders with different pages (for the segments) for each group.

by s270092 (120 points)
Thank you very much!

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