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How can I link a circle within a vector graphic in HTML to a specific page of the questionnaire (as soon as the circle is clicked, the corresponding page should appear)?
a href does not work for me, as the questionnaire pages do not have a URL
I also can't think of a way to link to the page with a href via the page ID or ID of the internal code

<g transform="matrix(0.960211,0,0,0.956632,74.5953,300.017)">
<circle cx="929.165" cy="559.653" r="84.595" style="fill:rgb(80,93,102);"/>

I also tried the PHP function button to page and gotopage, but unfortunately that doesn't work for me either

The basic problem is that I cannot specify a destination as a reference.

I would not like to refer to individual questions or elements with variables.

I would be very grateful for any help.

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