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I would like survey participants to answer some questions based on audio files. It should only be possible to play the audio files once, either with a play button or each audio should be played automatically on a new page. I checked the tickboxes "Play automatically (not on mobile devices)" and "Hide the player" in the audio settings of a questionnaire. The problem is that the missing questions are probed (it is not obligatory to answer them but I would like a friendly reminder for the missing answers) and when a warning appears, the audio is automatically played once again. Is there a way to get the audio to be played only once? It is very important to my research approach. Unfortunately, I do not know PHP and have only limited knowledge of HTML.

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Let's assume you embed the audio via HTML code. And then let's assume that you also added a play button manually that will start the audio via JavaScript. It's simply a matter of connecting the "click" event of the button to the play() method of the audio. Please leave a comment, if you encounter problems with that part.

Then, use the PHP function getRoute() to display all the HTML code only if the page is loaded for the first time:

if (getRoute() == 'next') {
    show('HT01');  // The text element with the HTML code

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