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Hello, I would like to know how I can randomise the order of three images (all in a row on one page) in order to avoid sequence effects. Unfortunately, so far I have only been able to randomise to the extent that each image appears randomly (with a probability of 1:3), i.e. it can happen that the same image appears two or three times. However, each of the three images should only appear once and, as I said, only the order should be randomised. Unfortunately, "Rotate questions" only works with questions. So far I really haven't found anything that solves my problem. I would be very grateful for an answer as soon as possible. Best regards, Katharina

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Unfortunately, "Rotate questions" only works with questions.

That is not exatly true. Create thrww "texts" with the HTML code to display an image (each), and use their IDs - done.

That, however, is not as elegant as one might wish. It would be more elegant to draw 3 codes from a random generator with the three images as content, and than do this:

// Draw from the random generator
// Read the three image names
$images = valueList('RG01', NULL, 'label');
// Show them
foreach ($images as $image) {
  html('<div><img src="'.$image.'" alt=""></div>');

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