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How do I randomize a questionnaire so that half the participants get a questionnaire with a blue background color and the other half gets a questionnaire with the regular background color (white)

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The easiest way was to put a placeholder in the layout where the background color is defined, something like this CSS code in the <style> section:

body {
    background-color: white;
    background-color: %experiment%;

And then to define the placeholder based on a random generator on the first page:

if (value('RG01') == 1) {
  replace('%experiment%', '#FF9900');
} else {
  replace('%experiment%', '#0099FF');

Keep in mind, that the very last page, will not use this color.

by s084144 (110 points)
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HI, Thanks for your answer.
Does that mean, that I should have access to the php code directly? im afraid I am not authorized to make these changes. is there any other way to manage the change from the administration page.
by SoSci Survey (290k points)
Sosci Survey intends to use PHP code in the questionnaire. Take a look here:

No special authorization required ;)

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