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Dear Sosci users.

I have spent a considerable amount of time reading the online tutorials and some of the questions previously asked related to choice experiments but I don't seem to get the exact answers I am looking for. I will appreciate any support offered.

I have already designed the choice experiment using Ngene software. and I have generated the choice scenarios that farmers will choose.

The structure of the choice experiment.

There are 6 attributes, Alternative 1, Alternative 2 and an opt-out.
A respondent is supposed to only pick either Alternative 1, Alternative 2 or the Opt-out only

A choice set looks like this

I was wondering how I can design a question in Sosci Survey such that it appears like the choice set above and then respondents are able to indicate whether they would choose Alternative1, Alternative 2 or the Opt-out.

Thank you.

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We have two aspects here: First, the logic behind what choices to preset. And second, the output in the questionnaire.

As I understand you have the same sets for everybody, so the first part will not be an issue at the moment.

If you wanted the output like sketched above, creating an HTML table and using placeholders for the inputs would be the easiest solution.

Another option was using a simple selection, switch to "card" display with three cards per row, and putting all the information into the respective card. You may use images or HTML code for formatting of the cards.

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