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So when I try to translate my questionnaire in the translation Assistant and then click save, the site either does not save my translations and the translations disappear, or an error message occurs ("Can't currently handle this request", HTTP Error 500). Why does this happen and is there a fix?

Thanks in advance!

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Which button did you click, please?

What is your base language and what language are you translating to?

On www.soscisurvey.de, when trying the button to automatically translate via Google, I get the message "Error from Google Translate: User Rate Limit Exceeded" (may be that a lot of users have used that feature today, and our finances are limited), but I cannot replicate the 500-error.

by s181946 (110 points)
I have a similar problem. When I want to translate it doesn't save anymore it just turns white. without translation it works fine. Translating German  to English, on the webpage also no option works. base language is German.
by SoSci Survey (290k points)
Okay, I have good and bad news. The function does not crash any more, but it does not save the translations, either. We keep on working on the issue.
by SoSci Survey (290k points)
Alright, the issue with the translation tables has been solved, the update is installed on www.soscisurvey.de - we will also check the CSV import next.
by s259945 (110 points)
Wow! That worked! Thank you so much! You helped me a lot for my thesis! Thank you for fixing this problem, I didn't hope that this would work this good!! Much appreciation!
by s240201 (110 points)
The translation table works now for me as well! Many thanks to you for fixing the issue!

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