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We already have a dataset of patients who each have an ID to identify them. The plan is to invite the patients to do the survey individually per Email. I would like to match the data from the questionnaire in SoSci with our data set. Is it possible to link our ID of the patient to the invitation link?

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First, make sure that you're working on the professional server s2survey.net and that you have prepared the DPA (see Personal Data) as your data will definitely be person-related data, and therefore is subject to the GDPR.

I would then recommend the following procedure:

  1. Create a table with the email addresses, maybe gender and names (for personalized emails) and the patient ID as a separate table.
  2. Save the table as CSV and import the address list into SoSci Survey. Map the patient ID column to the "Custom 1" attribute.
  3. Create an internal variable in SoSci Survey, for example IV01_01
  4. Put these lines of PHP code below on the first page (or anywhere else) of your questionnaire to write the ID from the address list into the questionnaire.
  5. Send the mailings via SoSci Survey, using personalized URLs (which is the default option).


$data = panelData();
put('IV01_01', $data['custom1']);

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