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I am currently working with the raw data from an (classic) IAT.

While most of my cases show regular data (i.e., reaction time in ms and then a 0 or 1 indicating the incorrect or correct assignment), I have some cases where it just says "false" instead of reporting a reaction time.

Practically speaking, it looks like this:

(...) [1378,1],[false,1] (...)

I am wondering why this happens? Maybe you have an explanation for me. I am not necessarily an IAT expert myself so I might be unaware of something that produces this output.

I thought: Did the participant not respond to the stimulus? And if so, after how much time is a response considered "false"?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Note: I also speak German, so a German reply would be totally sufficient.

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Thank you. Long story short: I have no simple answer. Would you mind, sending me one or two raw JSONs to info@soscisurvey.de, so we can take a closer look? How many records do you have that contain a false instead of responde latencies? Does the issue occur in different blocks or only in specific blocks? If it's only in block 3, I would have an answer.

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Update: With SoSci Survey v3.4.21 the behavior was changed, the IAT does not remove latencies >10.000 ms in the raw data.

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