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Hi there,

where can I upload the XML file downloaded from an archived project? I want to reuse it in a new project. I have already created the new project, but the only icon I can find where it is possible to upload data is "collected data --> "import data". But there, only CSV files can be uploaded, no XML files.
How can I reuse input from my archived project?

Thank you very much in advance! (you can also answer in German, if you like).

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Hi, you can read about how to import an archived project here: https://www.soscisurvey.de/help/doku.php/en:general:copy-project

If you need it in german, you can change the language of the SoSci- Wiki Page on the very left side.

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Please note that the data is deleted when a project is archived. Only the questionnaire is retained in the archive for follow-up studies.

Also see Help, my data is gone!

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