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Hello, I am trying to create a question in SoScisurvey where I ask users to mark a place on an embedded map from openstreetmap. Then I'd like the geolocation of that mark (lat and long) to be the output of the question.
I already did some research and it seems the best way is to somehow embed the map using an iframe. I'd like for the user to be able to zoom and pan in the map to easily find the location they want to mark.
I also read that it's possible to retrieve the marker position using the openstreetmap API somehow so that it's stored as the answer for the question.
Could someone provide me a step by step solution to this problem (maybe even the full code) since I have no idea how to do this effectively and only have a basic understanding of the programming that's certainly needed.

If there's a simpler solution to get the same result I'd also be very happy to hear about it.

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