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I need to upload more pictures and also some GIFs, which are bigger than 640KB.
Which option could/ should I use? I am writing my master thesis and my research is not financed by anyone.

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Which option could/ should I use?

Please understand, that our funding (for expensive storage, for example) is limited. You may contact your university to set up a local survey server. When hosting just a few hundred surveys, providing storage is much easier than on a server with >10.000 survey projects.

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The problem is that I only need about 100-200 participants, but my data is slightly too big and I couldn't find another tool with such a great randomization option as soSci.
Is there maybe an option to upload the pictures elsewhere but have them opened in the soSci-Questionnaire (without links, rather as a preview option)?
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We have increased the limit-per-file to 1 MB, that's fine given current display resolutions.

Yet, if the 64 MB limit is the issue, and if you have webspace anywhere (accessible via HTTPS), you can always upload stuff there and use the absolute URL.

So, if your webspace is https://www.example.com, and you uploaded an image image.png there and made it available as https://www.example.com/images/images.png, you can simply use the URL in SoSci Survey:

<div style="text-align: center">
  <img src="https://www.example.com/images/images.png" alt="landscape" style="max-width: 100%">
by s170948 (120 points)
Thank you so much for increasing the limit!
by s170948 (120 points)
I just noticed, that I cannot create two questionnaires (meaning: independent questionnaires) in one project, correct?
Since my research is an intercultural comparison study, I need to have one questionnaire for each of the cultures (2 in total). Would it be possible to raise the upload limit for a second project, too?
by SoSci Survey (309k points)
What you can do under "compose questionnaire" is to sort the questions into different orders or leave differnt questions out. But one question will always be the same one question, in whatever questionnaire you use it.

If the questionnaire differ in some systematic element (a few words, for example), placeholders are a great tool.

> Would it be possible to raise the upload limit for a second project, too?

The 1 MB limit is valid for everyone.

Any as long as you are not using the proteced storage, you can also access images from one project A in another project B:

<img src="../projectA/image01.png">

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