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0 votes

Do you know a solution for placeholder in French?

if (getLanguage() == 'fre');
if ($code == 1) {
replace('%bucket_fr%', 'construction d'un petit immeuble');

Problem is that e.g. "d'un" is not displayed: because the " ' " is interpreted as end of the placeholder.

Is there any possibility to solve this problem within placeholders?

in SoSci Survey (dt.) by s065450 (160 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

You have at least three options:

// Use a backslash to "mask" the quotation mark
replace('%bucket_fr%', 'construction d\'un petit immeuble');
// Use doulbe quotations marks to define the string
replace('%bucket_fr%', "construction d'un petit immeuble");
// Use the correct character for the apostrophe
replace('%bucket_fr%', 'construction d’un petit immeuble');

By the way: It's the same problem with English...

by SoSci Survey (130k points)
super easy, danke!