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Hello! I have put together a questionnaire with Sosci Survey and included a footer/impressum with contact information etc.
My problem is that on some pages this information at the bottom is displayed just fine while on other pages the impressum is displayed in bold letters. I would like the footer to always look the same with just regular instead of bold print.
I would be very grateful for any tipps and suggestions on how to make this look uniform on all questionnaire pages.
Thanks a lot in advance!

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That sounds to me like you have somewhere an html tag for bold letters which you did not close correctly. That behavior is not normal in my experience. Maybe double check all your additional html code which you used in the questionnaire.
by s218538 (110 points)
Thanks for your quick reply :) You were absolutely right, I had not closed the html tag for bold letters correctly but hadn't noticed it at first because the following paragraph appeared correctly in regular letters for some reason.
by s109993 (10.9k points)
No worries, I ran into the same problem a couple of times ;)

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