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I am trying to display feedback if the participant is too slow when responding to Assigment (Records Latency) type of question. My last stimulus is fixed to last 3000 ms and, if the participants does not respond in that period of time, I would like to show feedback which displays "You have to respond faster". How do I do that? I tried using filter and PHP code that states:

if (caseTime('this') > 8) {
  text('Molimo Vas da odgovarate brže.'); // information message
  setNextPage('next'); // after "Next" go to page "start"
  pageStop(); // do not display any further content on the page

but it is not working. Please help! Thank you!

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There are two sides: The server, and the client/browser.

When SoSci Survey creates a page, this is done server-side. Then the page is sent to the user's browser. It won't leave that side unless the respondent clicks "next". Only then are the answers sent back, and processes server-side.

While in the user's browser, only JavaScript can do anyting to the page, such as show a message. The JavaScript interface of the assignment task provides some options to start a timer, for example when a new trial is shown.

However, if you would like to create an IAT, there's also a module implicit methods available for SoSci Survey. Academic theses can get a 80% discount on the regular price upon request. The SC-IAT in the package also allows for a "respond faster" notification.

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