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We are trying to perform a survey in 2 scientific society members (about 10000 participants) and the societies are not willing to provide us the original email address list.
Is there another way to solve this problem? Manually creating URLs and sending them to every individual will be very time consuming, is it possible to create a single hyperlink and send it to all participants?

Thank you in advance for your time!

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Sure, just use the general URL of your project.

You find this in the project settings (gear symbol on the upper right).

Read more in the manual URL to the questionnaire.

by s084852 (110 points)
Dear support team,

I have already tried this but I get the notification ''access denied, a special key is required to access the questionnaire''
do you know why that happens?

Thanks again,
by SoSci Survey (312k points)
They you have probably set the access mode "mailing" in "compose questionnaire" -> tab "settings". Change the access restriction to "public" to have a public URL.

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