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Hi, I am setting up a multilingual English-Afrikaans survey. I would like participants to be able to change the language setting during the survey as it is about bilingualism.

I selected the 'Show button to switch the questionnaire language' in the survey settings.

I would like to use the South African flag to represent Afrikaans, so I set it up in the Survey Languages Selection section with: <div class="flag"><img src="Flag-South-Africa.webp" class="s2t-flag"></div>

However, the button to indicate Afrikaans at the bottom of every page in the questionnaire itself is still white. Where do I change the setting for the flag to be consistent throughout?

in SoSci Survey (English) by s094381 (110 points)
I am afraid that will need one or the other change from our side. Give us two days, please.
Okay, thank you!

1 Answer

0 votes

Thanks for the request.

We have now added the South African flag for Afrikaans on www.soscisurvey.de

by SoSci Survey (259k points)
Thank you very much!!