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I'm trying to create a question using slider. When I select "display value" in slider's detail setting, the value shown is in mirror form (see this image). How can I make it show the value in correct form?

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That looks funny... how did you achieve that?

Would you mind posting a pretest link directly to that questionnaire page with the clider, so I can take a look on the underlying CSS style? https://www.soscisurvey.de/help/doku.php/en:create:debugging
by s212252 (185 points)
by SoSci Survey (291k points)
Seems like there's a bug with right-to-left languages in combination with sliders that display a value. You can add the following CSS code via pageCSS() to the page to see the problem.

body.D_rtl table.question div.slider {
  transform: none;

This will fix the mirror-effect, but then the slider does not wrk properly an more. Any anyway, the displayed value does not match the labels that you have one the left and right side.

It will require us a few days to sort this out.

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Thank you for the (by now outdated) pretest URL which allowed us to identify the problem.

We do not yet have a complete solution, and sliders still display a bit differently with right-to-left languages. Yet, the issue with the mirrored values should be solved by now.

Please make sure to enter the "0" as "minimum" label and the "100" as "maximum" label, and not the other way around. Otherwise, the numbers will misfit. Also do some tests if the correct number (+1, remeber the coding) is stored in the dataset, please. Just to be sure.

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