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I have 2 questions on the same page and would like to display the second one only if the participant answered Yes to the first question. Any way I could hide/display follow-up questions based on clicked answer (rather than Next button)?

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in SoSci Survey (English) by s219203 (165 points)
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> Any way I could hide/display follow-up questions based on clicked answer (rather than Next button)?

The first manual that you linked above provides a solution. Please specify how far you get. You may also post a pretest URL that directly (!) links to the questionnaire page in question, i your JavaScript does not work as expected.
Ah yes, I read the first manual again and understood how to apply my custom code!
Things are working great. Thanks!
The codes are working if there is only one pair of such questions on the page, what if I have 2+? At the beginning of the page, I ask a yes/no question with a follow-up if they answer yes. At the end of the page, I do the same. Only the last pair of questions works, the first one only displays the yes/no question, never the follow-up question.

I modified the code from "Exemple 1: Visible Selection" (https://www.soscisurvey.de/help/doku.php/en:create:dynamic). I'm guessing I should have a more complex code as explained under "Exemple 3", but since my questions are not the same, nor dropdowns, I'm not too sure how to customize the code. Thanks!
When using multiple such "filters", make sure to use unique function and variable named on the page. Use, for example, a toggle1() für the first filter an a toggle2() for the second.
Ah yes! I see! It's working now.

Here are my codes if others need help with the same sort of situation:


<script type="text/javascript">
var optionAa = document.getElementById("SE03_01a");
var optionBb = document.getElementById("SE03_02a");
var question1 = document.getElementById("SE04_qst");

function toogle1() {
  if (optionAa.checked) {
    question1.style.display = "";
  } else {
    question1.style.display = "none";
SoSciTools.attachEvent(optionAa, "click", toogle1);
SoSciTools.attachEvent(optionBb, "click", toogle1);
// -->


<script type="text/javascript">
var optionA = document.getElementById("SE10_02a");
var optionB = document.getElementById("SE10_03a");  
var question = document.getElementById("SE11_qst");  
function toogle2() {
  if (optionA.checked) {
    question.style.display = "";
  } else {
    question.style.display = "none";
SoSciTools.attachEvent(optionA, "click", toogle2);
SoSciTools.attachEvent(optionB, "click", toogle2);
// -->