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To whom this may concern,

We are using the test which has a time limit. Still, our version has some modifications that include some external questions, i.e. pages, and the timer shouldn't be running on them. However, once the participants go to the next page, the timer should start again (not from the beginning, but to continue). Is there any code that would be appropriate and useful for this purpose?

Thank you in advance!
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It depends on how the respondents go to the external pages.

What you can do is to listen to the blur and focus events via JavaScript. These events are fired when users leave the browser tab, and return there. If you are fine with JavaScript and no PHP code (to avoid cheating by reloading the page), that will do.

If you want to combine that with a PHP element, it will not workreliable with reloads unless you send the time spent on the page to the server via the background-transfer feature of an internal question. But, it will still be some hussle.

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