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So I made this definition that is supposed to grab the ranking of pictures and then add the picture according to the their rank and the value given in the table. (The code is below). I am having a problem starting from $texto. It is not grabbing the information and when I go to the debug method, it just appears as a string and a weird error appears. I will attach the picture below

function get_heart($value, $ranking) {
$index = array_search($value, array_values($ranking));
$keys = array_keys($ranking);
$a = $keys[$index];
$texto = getItemtext($a);
$imageTitle = substr($texto, 10, -26);
$imageSource = 'image';
return $imageSource ;

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The function getItemtext() expectes either a (full) item ID, such as AB01_01 or a question ID and item number, e.g.: getItemtext('AB01', 1)

L5 is no such ID that would identify an item, so it cannot resolve an item text.

As I do not know where the parameters for get_heart() are from, it's hard for me to give any useful hints what to change. If you ko´now the question ID, and $index identifies the item, this one might work:

getItemtext($questionID, $index + 1)

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