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Dear concern,

I have an interactive user interface mockup that i created using axure tool . and i want to integrate it within my sosci survey questionnaire. Is it possible to do that using sosci tool? How can we do that? please provide me step by step procedure if its possible to integrate.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s072091 (110 points)

1 Answer

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First, it is important if the external tool stores the data separately, or needs SoSci Survey to store the data. For my answer, I assume that respondents can access the external user interface (tool) via URL.

In the first case (data stored separately), you can redirect to the URL of the external tool and provide the case number and the case token in the URL, e.g.:

redirect('https://MyExternalTool.xyz?id=%caseNumber%&t=%caseToken%', true);

The external tool must then store the case number, and if the questionnaire shall resume later, it must also store the token to redirect the respondent to an address like


If it not necessary to resume the questionnaire, then the initial redirect would look a bit different.


You may also consider opening the external tool in a pop-up window, for example using this HTML code:

<a href="https://MyExternalTool.xyz?id=%caseNumber%" onclick="window.open(https://MyExternalTool.xyz?id=%caseNumber%); return false;">Click here</a>

In the second case (data must be stored by SoSci Survey), use the first redirect, and return the collected data with the back-link to the questionnaire:


In SoSci Survey then use a question "device and request variables" to read the variable "data" into the data set.

by SoSci Survey (92.2k points)