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When the back button is used, the function "probe a missing question" does not work anymore. After returning to the previous page, the respondent can leave blank questions and move to the next page without receiving the warning about missing questions and confirming that he does not want to answer. Is it possible to fix it?

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You could just remove the back button to prevent users to go to the previous page.
by s208983 (110 points)
Thank you for your comment. I would like to have both the "back button" and the "probe missing question" function, but if there is no other solution, I will indeed remove the back button.
by s109993 (10.5k points)
I just checked it for me and it works. Maybe you have to explain quickly how you did it, provide the code and a pre-test link.

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After returning to the previous page ...

SoSci Survey remembers if you checked the option "I do not want to answer". If you go back to a page where you left items unanwwered and then clicked that you do not want to answer, SoSci Survey will mark that for the items (see colors in Collected Date -> View Dataset).

So, if you come back to that page later and do not answer the same items, SoSci Survey already knows that you do not want to answer (you told it so) and won't bother you again.

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