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Hi there.

So we did a questionnaire with two sub-questionnaires, selected by the recommended code:

$qnr = value('X002', 'label');
multiLevelDown($qnr, reference());
// goToQuestionnaire($qnr);

But when we now use the pre-test link, only the first page data is recorded, but the latter is not.

Please assist.

closed with the note: Problem was actually no problem - even better :)
in SoSci Survey (English) by s003640 (110 points)
closed by SoSci Survey
> only the first page data is recorded

Do I understand you correctly, that after the questionnaire A sent you down to the questionnaire B (which worked according to the debug information) and you clicked "next" in the questionnaire B at least once, no additonal CASE appears in "collected data" -> "view data" for the case in questionnaire B?
Dear team, apparently I just was not able to identify the cases.
You see, we use randomisation to pick one of two possible questionnaires.
Unfortunately, I was assigned the second one -- whose cases are further down the results page ... Sorry for the inconveniences.