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Dear Socisurvey team,
I want to ask participants to rank three pictures and I would like to give them feedback after they rank pictures. To illustrate if they did not rank the items correctly, then a message should appear on the screen telling them to repeat the ranking. Is response check for ranking possible in Socisurvey?
Thank you very much in advance

in SoSci Survey (English) by s154123 (255 points)

1 Answer

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You can simply create an individual response check for that condition (and the feedback).

To check the order (i.e. three variables), you will have to combine multiple checks, see Conditions with More Than 2 Options.

by SoSci Survey (229k points)
selected by s154123
Thank you very much. I could solve the problem with your informative answer.
Only one minor issue has left:
Now if the answer is wrong, I will ask them to rank the pictures again but when they return to the page, then the answer they have given before is there. Is there any way they can enter the same page without the previous response:
Here is the PHP code:
if ((value ('TR01_03')==1) and (value ('TR01_01')==2) and (value ('TR01_02')==3)) {
    html('<p>good job!</p>');
} else {
    html('<p>Please read the more carefully!</p>');
And here is the pre-test:
Thank you again and have a great day ahead.
I do not know why the pre-test link does not work properly. I created another one but it does not work as I see that myself in the questionnaire.
Here is the new link:
Please do not use goToPage() but repeatPage() for your case.

Regarding the removal of answers, you can use dropValue():
Thank you.
It works perfectly fine :))))
And one last question:
I would like a page to be repeated 3 times if the respondent's answer is wrong. I wrote it like that but the loop is not working.
if ((value ('TR01_03')==1) and (value ('TR01_01')==2) and (value ('TR01_02')==3)) {
    html('<p> Gut gemacht!!</p>');
} else {
    html('<p>•    Bitte lesen Sie jeden Lebenslauf sorgfältig und versuchen Sie diese objektiv anzuordnen.</p>');
    $i = loopPage('Training1',2);
    html('<p> ridi!!</p>');
When the loop is enabled in the first run, it will loop three times, no matter if the loopPage() is repeated or not. So you'll have to put the loopPage() outside of your IF structure, and use goToPage('next') within the IF if you want to skip the loop.

Unfortunately, repeatPage() sometimes has nasty side effects if used within a loop in which pages are skipped. The repeatPage() may jump to a different page than expected.

Should you encounter a misbehavior, use this robust solution: Copy the page three times and either repeat the question or skip the page via goToPage('next'). You can place the "gut gemacht" on the last of the three pages, so it's displayed only once.