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Hello the team of SoSci,

For our study we would like to offer participants two options to quit at any time and still participate in the voucher raffle for their payment. One option is to leave early without deleting the data, and the other is to leave & delete data. To do this, I wish to add two buttons to each page of the survey and redirect participants to the raffle page that I created separately. I'm not an expert in PHP & HTML, so I need your help on this.


in SoSci Survey (English) by s198208 (110 points)

1 Answer

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Please take a look on buttonToPage(), especially the option to create the buttons as placeholders that can be used on every subsequent page - including the layout.

The solution I think about it to create two additional pages with the raffle option, one using dropCase(), that are reached with the additional buttons. And to skip these pages via setNextPage() in the normal line of the interview.

by SoSci Survey (222k points)
Dear SoSci,

Thanks for the answer. Can I have an example of buttonToPage() where the third argument is 'true'? The following code doesn't create a button on any page.

buttonToPage('Raffle', 'End survey without deleting data', true);

The help page says that if I use "true", the button should be integrated manually. I'm not sure what it means.

About the second one, can you elaborate on this? Example code would be helpful
the help page for dropCase only gave sample code where data are deleted when one option is chosen, not when one button is chosen.
The trick is to run dropCase() without ay filter on a special page. The page that is only run when the respondent clicks a specific button.