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Good morning. I am trying to insert a repeat page code in case the question (WB02) is not answered correctly. The correct answer should be: 3. I have created an internal variable $rPG2, and have inserted this code at the top of page 3 (WB02 is listed at the end of page 2):

//  only checked if $repeatedPG2 is not yet set
if (!isset($rPG2)) {
  // check, if the answer is missing (code 3) in the selection WB02
  $failWB02 = (value('WB02') == 3);
  // check, if items in scale WB02 are unanswered
  $failWB02 = (count(getItems('WB02', 'missing')) > 0);
  if ($failWB02 || $failWB02) {
    // be aware that page 2 repeats/was repeated
    $rPG2 = true;
    // show previous page again

Do you have any idea why the code is not working? Thank you very much in advance!

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in SoSci Survey (English) by s169796 (110 points)
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What exactly does not work? What does the debug information say?
The page did not repeat when I gave false responses. This is what the debug information says: Warning (page 3)
The variable WB02 has not been asked on a previous page during this interview. Therefore value() cannot determine any answer, yet.

But the question has already been asked in the previous page. Thanks in advance.
> The variable WB02 has not been asked on a previous page during this interview.

Did you also start the test on the page where WB02 was asked (or before)? What question type is that question of?

Also I see that your code does not make much sense here:

if ($failWB02 || $failWB02) {

You use the same variable name $failWB02 twice. As the variable is defined differently, above, you probably want to check another variable?