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0 votes

Hi all,

I received this exit link from the panel provider:


I created the final page with the following PHP code:


The redirect works, but the PHP code fails to grab the "psid" value provided by the panel URL.

I also tried #%reference%# and #psid#, without success.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help!


in SoSci Survey (English) by s103538 (110 points)
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1 Answer

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I created the final page with the following PHP code

That look good, and I assume you placed the PHP code on a page before the last page in a "PHP code" element.

fails to grab the "psid" value provided by the panel URL.

What link did you give the panel provider? Make sure the link that you give them is


If they should insist to send the code in a different variable, you can use a question of the type "device and transmitted variables" to read the code (see The provider uses a different variable than "r")

by SoSci Survey (198k points)
Thank you! Yes, I created an empty page with only the PHP redirect code.

When I submit the survey URL to the system, the panel automatically adds


right after /?r=[psid]

so it becomes:


Is that the source of the problem?

Thanks again!
Yes :) But not really a problem, just annoying.

In that case omit the ?r= and use the question to read both variables. Follow the manual to use the PID instead of %reference% in the return URL.