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We have paid for a renewed licence for an ongoing project. Yet it says on the project page 'Payment not confirmed yet. What does this mean and what should we do?

Second, we have some unused interviews left (about 118) and renewed for another 250. Does this add up to a new figure?

in SoSci Survey (English) by s135301 (120 points)

1 Answer

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Payment not confirmed yet. What does this mean and what should we do?

After buying a licence, you can immediately use that licence to create projects and/or set the survey administration period in the project settings.

Yet, you cannot download the collected data unless the payment was received and confirmed (this usually take 1 to 4 work days, depending on bank runtimes and latencies).

Customers who have always paid their invoices in the past and need the data quickly can send us an email to info@soscisurvey.de, so we active the data download independently from the latest payment.

Should you encounter any other problems regarding the licence, please also send us an email. we can resolve that quickly in most cases.

by SoSci Survey (193k points)