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I am looking for a function for a true false query. I already have the data but can't download it yet and do it in excel since I still have the survey online (Prolific). I need this for the attention checks. The program should automatically mark the cell with a value >2 in the Attention Checks (for example, blue) or mark the subjects who answered two Attention Checks incorrectly (for example, completely black).

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A-priori to data collection, you can create an internal variable in SoSci Survey and use a simple PHP filter on a page following the attention check to store the code:

if (value('AB01_01') > 2) {
  put('IV01_01', 1);
} else {
  put('IV01_01', 0);

If you already started data collection, you will need a little IF in excel.

=IF(A1 > 2; 1; 0)

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