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When I attempt to import any of the three tables, which contain my test data, the site displays them as it should with the labels in the first line.
Then the site proceeds to tell me, it could not import the table, because it had no labels in the first line.
Is there like a line maximum or what is going on?

Turns out, that if I don't go into the project, but instead from the start-page go immediatley to specialfunctions, it mostly works.

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What software would you like to import the data into?
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I was attempting to import it to use it as a source for the questions in a survey on soscisurvey. I've read up on the guide:
While this guide also says the table should NOT contain the labels, it also told me to take a different menue-path to do it. Although the interface looks identical, this one works. It's a bit of a hassle, that I can only have one table at a time, so I'll have to merge all four of mine.

Thanks anyway.

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