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Hello, how could I change the alt text in the footer language selection from abbreviations (ger/fra) to a full word for the language?

Thanks for the help!

closed with the note: Unfortunaltey, no additional information was given to allow for a qualified solution.
in SoSci Survey (English) by s002793 (415 points)
closed by SoSci Survey
Your question was not forgotten, but we will have to check what's going on there. What is the base language of your questionnaire?
Thanks for your patience. May I ask why you would like to change tha alternative Text (alt) for the flags?

The alternative text should not become relevant unless the browser has issues to load the image. In that case a short text  ("eng" instead of "English") will fit the flag format better than the full text.

In any other situation, the title (which is the full language name) is displayed anyway.
Sorry, I did not receive an email about the comments coming in, so I didn't know there had been a response. The main issue had been that our blind participants sometimes weren't able to recognize which language was behind which short-text from the alt. But it was a very rare issue so I had decided to just leave it as is.
Thanks for the reply. Most screen readers should actually use the "title" tag. Therefore, we follow you, leaving it as it is - unless we aquire new knowledge about this being an issue.