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Is it possible to use mean response time latencies from several assignment questions and use that mean value as a response time limit in another question in the survey?
Namely, I want to give participants a reading time test that would determine the presentation time of a task in the survey.
I would present say 20 sentences differing by length, using assignment task, and their task would be to read the sentence and then press some key to indicate they have read it. I would present:
5 sentences containing 5 words,
5 sentences containing 8 words,
5 sentences containing 10 words, and
5 sentences containing 12 words.
After that, I want to present four tasks (assignment task or selection sequence which would represent simple math tasks with available answer options, one of which is the right answer)
Task 1 would be represented by a sentence containing 5 words
Task 2 would be represented by a sentence containing 8 words
and so on.
I need each of these tasks to be presented for a time equal to the mean reading time of sentences of a corresponding length, plus say 1500miliseconds.
For example: presentation time of Task 1 = mean reading time of five sentences containing 5 words + 1500ms
Is this even possible to program in SoSci survey?
Thanks in advance.

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