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Hello, good day!

I am trying to set up a multilingual survey and have so far read the help page for it and tried it out, and it works very well; the only problem I have is that some contents are coded in html in the Compose Questionnaire pages, such as h1 coded titles and some smaller texts.

Is there any way to merge the language function with the html text? Or does all text have to be in text blocks for the feature to work? Unfortunately, as the survey has many pages, it would be a bit of a hassle to create text blocks for every single title and one-sentence introduction.

in SoSci Survey (English) by s002793 (415 points)

1 Answer

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Is there any way to merge the language function with the html text?

Yes and no.

Usually, the easiest solution is to move the HTML contents into the list of questions, and create texts there that use the display mode "HTML code". These texts allow for multiple language versions.

The other solution is to work with PHP code and the getLanguage() function:

if (getLanguage() == 'ger') {
} else {
by SoSci Survey (259k points)
selected by s002793
ah, that makes sense, thanks, that solves my issue!