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We have noticed that we have 26 interviews logged, but only 11 cases available for download (as per the image below)

However, we want to record all data submitted, whether the case is complete or not. As such our valid cases criteria are set to record all cases that have 100% or less missing data, and did not drop out before page 1 (as per the image below).

Given that socscisurvey is showing 26 total interviews, I assume that this data is recorded somewhere. Does anybody know how we can access all of our data please? We're keen to get this sorted as soon as possible to prevent us losing lots of data!

Thank you,

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Please check the count that the Filter Criteria for Valid Cases reports at the bottom.

Then, please go to Collected Data -> View Dataset and check which cases are marked as invalid (grey CASE number). Please check MODE, MISSING and LASTPAGE there.

You may want to remove the "Percentage of item-nonresponse" and "not dropped out before page" settings on the criteria page.

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