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Hi everyone!
I have pursued a survey using the question "Visual Placements". However, I do not know how to identify the selected points in the image that I have uploaded. In the collected data, I found 3 values for each selection (x1, y1, m1), but the program does not allow me to use the data in order to identify the points in the image.
Can someone help me figure out the issue?
Thanks in advance!

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What you have there are X-Y-coordinated (M is relevant if you have offered different markers). Therefore, you simply check the pixel size of your image, and immediately get the exact position.

If you would like to draw the spots in the image, you can load the image in R and use the plot function to add the points.

by s164289 (110 points)
Thank you very much! I will try with R as the data I have collected are more than 2,000. Thanks again!
by s164289 (110 points)
Sorry, which package should I use in R in order to draw the spots in the image? The ReadImages is no more available. Thanks again!
by SoSci Survey (308k points)
You can start with imager (https://www.rdocumentation.org/packages/imager/versions/0.42.7/topics/load.image), and then you use that like a plot in which you add more points.

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